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Good Vibrations is a well-being partnership of like-minded individuals and businesses offering happy and holistic options for self-care and healthy living through movement, nutrition & weight loss, education, and connection.

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Zumba Fitness Classes (SilverSneakers FLEX) with Peggy.  Click here for class schedule, location and pricing!  

Weight Loss

6 Week Weight Loss Program begins July 16th.  Click here for program details.


Coaching:  Get one-on-one support from Peggy who will motivate, support, encourage and challenge you to reach your goals along your fitness, weight loss or well-being journey,  Click here for more information.


Workshops, classes, and informational videos on movement, nutrition, and well-being options. Click here to see more.



Events and activities for where we can meet to connect in person or on-line.   Click here to see what's happening.     

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