Hi, I'm Peggy and I would be honored to help you!

Are you stuck?  Do you need a little motivation?  Maybe some support or coaching?  How about an accountability partner?

Do you need help getting back on track with your fitness, nutrition, weight loss or well-being journey?

If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, then I, want to help You!  

Sometimes, it just takes a little help from a coach!

I am a master at intentional goal setting and creating achievable action plans! Let me help you get out of your own way to achieve the success you are shooting for! I have been successful in helping others manage their fitness,  nutrition, and weight loss goals by working with them through the hard parts and helping to keep them focused and on track! 

I also have experience in working with others along their well-being journey, providing support in the way of obtaining freedom from past trauma, insecurities, difficult relationships, and being stuck in dead-end jobs! 

Contact me today if you need help moving forward OR if you need help setting goals AND coming up with a plan to achieve them!  

Let's get started with a FREE consultation to see if we are a good match!  Call or text today to schedule! 360-852-5392.


Hourly Options:

30 Minutes: $30

60 Minutes:  $40   

Monthly options:

30 minute sessions 4 x per month - $80 

60 minute sessions 4 x per month - $140

I am happy to meet in person, over the phone, FaceTime, Skype, FB video chat or even via e-mail.  I will work with you in any medium that best suits your needs.

Group coaching options available too!!   Customized plans available for you and your friends or family! 

Contact me today to get started!  We've got this!!!  

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