Who are These Northwest Health Nuts?

Peggy, creator of Good Vibrations: Body, Mind, Soul began with Studio E Fitness in 2011 where her dreams and passion merged to create an innovative approach to doing business TOGETHER!    Peggy believes we can do a lot more when we combine forces and use a partnership approach. 

Good Vibrations is the rebranding of what once was Studio E with a renewed emphasis on coaching, nutrition, and education with movement and connection as key add-ons. 

Ellen Gyberg, owner of Superior Nutrition and Weight Loss ( is a Medical Intuitive specializing in Holistic Nutrition and the Epstein Barr Virus.  Ellen offers all natural solutions to chronic and mystery illness as well as safe and effective, permanent weight loss. Being intuitive, Ellen is able to read what illness afflict people and offer all natural solutions for healing.   

Together we are the NORTHWEST HEALTH NUTS!!!   Peggy and Ellen have been working together for 4  years and have mastered the perfect combination for our programs and offerings.  Ellen brings the expert nutrition advice while Peggy uses her polished motivation and coaching skills to help each person with their individual journey.   This approach provides the ultimate combination for successful outcomes!  

Northwest Health Nuts

What sets our programs apart from all the rest?